Dear Friend,

You are so beautiful just being you. Yes you are different but that is what makes up you.
I know it seems life has loved, hated, despised, abused, forgotten, whipped and left you for dead. But sweetie, You made it! You are still here my friend. You endured it all. You walk in victory. Life tried to kill you, destroy you, wipe you away like a stain upon clothing, but you are still here. You are still standing.

It’s ok if you feel like you want to give up. But love, you made it this far. Why would you dare give up now? Don’t you dare walk away! You are victorious! You have fallen many, many times before. I know you are tired beyond the physical, but you got this! You are still standing, you are still here, you are still capable of loving and being loved.

It’s ok to feel broken, crushed, defeated, beaten, frantic, anxious, tense, alone, frustrated, annoyed, irate and/or aggravated. It’s ok to react outside of your normal to abnormal situations that rise up against you. It’s ok to feel what you feel. No validation is required.

Just be mindful of your response and actions that effect you and those that effect another negatively. The pain, hurt and anger that you feel and cause is real. Be mindful of your actions towards yourself and towards others. It will only cause you unnecessary pain and frustration.

Storms come and go but never last. So, get your umbrella and find shelter baby. You have done it so many times before, there’s no use giving up now.

You have the strength and the will within you. Embrace it!

Go put your jam on. You know that one song that moves you no matter where you are. Put your jam on and get your dance on. Get your dance on in the middle of the storm. You got this!

You are a conqueror, so victory is already yours. Might as well accepted what is. Except that you are different. Heck yeah you are! I am not trying to get all spiritual or nothing but even “the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself” Deuteronomy 14:2KJV.

Embrace your different. Embrace your beauty.  After all, I’m writing to you. Yes you!

Believe in you. You deserve good in life. You deserve to live the way you desire in prosperity, in happiness, in love and in peace.

You are special and deserving. Believe that you are, because you are.


You got this!

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