Dear Friend,

You are so beautiful just being you. Yes you are different but that is what makes up you.
I know it seems life has loved, hated, despised, abused, forgotten, whipped and left you for dead. But sweetie, You made it! You are still here my friend. You endured it all. You walk in victory. Life tried to kill you, destroy you, wipe you away like a stain upon clothing, but you are still here. You are still standing.

It’s ok if you feel like you want to give up. But love, you made it this far. Why would you dare give up now? Don’t you dare walk away! You are victorious! You have fallen many, many times before. I know you are tired beyond the physical, but you got this! You are still standing, you are still here, you are still capable of loving and being loved.

It’s ok to feel broken, crushed, defeated, beaten, frantic, anxious, tense, alone, frustrated, annoyed, irate and/or aggravated. It’s ok to react outside of your normal to abnormal situations that rise up against you. It’s ok to feel what you feel. No validation is required.

Just be mindful of your response and actions that effect you and those that effect another negatively. The pain, hurt and anger that you feel and cause is real. Be mindful of your actions towards yourself and towards others. It will only cause you unnecessary pain and frustration.

Storms come and go but never last. So, get your umbrella and find shelter baby. You have done it so many times before, there’s no use giving up now.

You have the strength and the will within you. Embrace it!

Go put your jam on. You know that one song that moves you no matter where you are. Put your jam on and get your dance on. Get your dance on in the middle of the storm. You got this!

You are a conqueror, so victory is already yours. Might as well accepted what is. Except that you are different. Heck yeah you are! I am not trying to get all spiritual or nothing but even “the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself” Deuteronomy 14:2KJV.

Embrace your different. Embrace your beauty.  After all, I’m writing to you. Yes you!

Believe in you. You deserve good in life. You deserve to live the way you desire in prosperity, in happiness, in love and in peace.

You are special and deserving. Believe that you are, because you are.


You got this!

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How are you? Suicidal.

No one ever really talks much about it.

Then with all the negative stigmatisms that stands side by side in embrace, one might understand why.

But it is real!

Many who commit suicide have contemplated the notion of it longer than some can accept or imagine.

We ask one another, “How are you?” Do we really care? Do we take the time to listen to one another’s response given? Do we take the time to even look at them to see if they look physically ok?

Must the answer be so quick so we can continue to move on with our busy lives or jump into conversation about the latest news, gossip, religion, political campaign, next vacation, or amazingly enough ourselves?

A response will be given to, “How are you?” but what’s coming out of the mouth doesn’t always match what resides within someone. One who silently suffers stays in tune to their thoughts intensely day by day no matter what goes on around them. And those thoughts could be suicide ideations.

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m great but I was contemplating suicide and what’s the best way to carry it out. I read up on it but there are so many options. I tried overdosing but someone found me in just enough time and yeah of course I’m still freaking here. So that doesn’t work. I can only get my hand on rope, Drano, pills and I could probably get a gun but what if I can’t? The last gun I tried missed fired though. What’s going to work, what is going to do it this time? Will you embrace me tight and tell me there is another way? I really don’t want to die but I don’t want to live either. Will you show me another way? Will you walk with me all the way? Will you not judge me? Everyone says, “Take it to God and leave it there” but how do I leave it there? Maybe I will go to hell but I’m already living in hell, at least there will be no confusion where I stand. God, allowed this to happen to me. I prayed and begged him to take me and he left me here to suffer. I just don’t want to live anymore. I’m afraid. I’m afraid to live, but Yes, I’m fine!”

And yet all that was able to make it out through the windpipe was… “Yes, I’m fine!”

People are hurting beyond physical pain, a magnitude beyond what most can comprehend.

Suicide and its ideations does not discriminate in any form.

No one takes the time to listen until a life has already been taken. Their death speaks volumes when words could have done the same if someone had just taken the time to listen or pay attention.

Genially care to know when asking someone, “How are you?” Care with human compassion and respect.

Look around! Suicide and suicide ideations is real! Humans are hurting all around. Some are breaking right before our eyes!

Be kind and generous to one another! Be kind and generous to yourself!

I am by no means a doctor nor counselor, but I am a friend, a human, and I sympathize with the struggles, with those who are hurting.  If you or someone you know may be experiencing thoughts of suicide. Please be encouraged or encourage someone else to reach out.

Please don’t hesitate. You are not alone! There is more to life than what you are experiencing. The sun always shines again and you will be able to feel the rays pierce your skin. You are more precious and valuable than you know. Reach out! You are not alone!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) TTY: 1-800-799-4889.

Reach out for You! Reach out for Another! There is Hope! There is Help! You are not alone! You Matter!

Be encouraged, you got this, keep your head held high, you have survived so much, you hide so much pain, you treat others so kindly but not yourself. Be gentle with you.

Someone does care.

I care!

You are not alone!

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Pile It All Up!

Pile it all up and stand tall on top of it.

Use it to elevate, to climb higher.

And if something doesn’t feel right like that uncomfortable feeling that stops you in your tracks when you have a small pebble stuck inside of your shoe… get rid of it. Take it out the pile and throw it away, throw it out.

Let the rest of the mess empower you. Let it fuel your growth. Let it build you. Let it uplift you.

Use it all as a steppingstone.

Yes, I’m talking about the rumors, the lies, the jealousy, sickness, depression and all of the rest of the negativity that comes to tries to steal, kill and destroy you and get in the way of your dreams, your growth and your future.

No matter what comes or goes, you got this!

Again, you got this… and again, I say you got this!

All is well. Hold your head up and keep your stride and smile.

Believe in you and all that you stand for. You got this!!!

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now. If your blood still runs warm in your veins and life is spared yet another day, then opportunity awaits.

Keep climbing and rising against all odds.

Pile up all the mess and stand tall.

You Got this!!!

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Hello My New Friend,

I just wanted to remind you that it doesn’t matter what you have been through in your life, nor what you may be facing at this very moment in time. You still remain important, wanted and deserving of the good that life has to offer.
You are special.
You are amazing.
You are healed.
You are forgiven.
You are worthy.
You are deserving.
You are beautiful.
You are clean and whole.
You are the only one of you and you cannot be duplicated.
You are a survivor.
You are loved.
You are Victorious.
You are because “the Creator” is.


Stop doubting who you are! The hell you go through does not define who you are. Hold your head up and keep your smile and stride.

You are a conqueror and can’t no devil in hell no hater stop you from greatness.

Be Encouraged

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