Hello My New Friend,

I just wanted to remind you that it doesn’t matter what you have been through in your life, nor what you may be facing at this very moment in time. You still remain important, wanted and deserving of the good that life has to offer.
You are special.
You are amazing.
You are healed.
You are forgiven.
You are worthy.
You are deserving.
You are beautiful.
You are clean and whole.
You are the only one of you and you cannot be duplicated.
You are a survivor.
You are loved.
You are Victorious.
You are because “the Creator” is.


Stop doubting who you are! The hell you go through does not define who you are. Hold your head up and keep your smile and stride.

You are a conqueror and can’t no devil in hell no hater stop you from greatness.

Be Encouraged

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