Pile It All Up!

Pile it all up and stand tall on top of it.

Use it to elevate, to climb higher.

And if something doesn’t feel right like that uncomfortable feeling that stops you in your tracks when you have a small pebble stuck inside of your shoe… get rid of it. Take it out the pile and throw it away, throw it out.

Let the rest of the mess empower you. Let it fuel your growth. Let it build you. Let it uplift you.

Use it all as a steppingstone.

Yes, I’m talking about the rumors, the lies, the jealousy, sickness, depression and all of the rest of the negativity that comes to tries to steal, kill and destroy you and get in the way of your dreams, your growth and your future.

No matter what comes or goes, you got this!

Again, you got this… and again, I say you got this!

All is well. Hold your head up and keep your stride and smile.

Believe in you and all that you stand for. You got this!!!

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now. If your blood still runs warm in your veins and life is spared yet another day, then opportunity awaits.

Keep climbing and rising against all odds.

Pile up all the mess and stand tall.

You Got this!!!

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